Industrial Marketing’s vision is to provide tools and solutions for local and multinational businesses that will contribute to their continued sustainable growth.


Our Business Units


Sutton Tools Powertool accessories

Sutton Tools is an Australian family business that is renowned for its high-quality power tool accessories and cutting tools for the hardware market and a wide range of specialised industrial applications.
“Even in challenging times, choosing the right investment strategies can enable you to contend with low-cost competitors to achieve sustainable growth”, writes Rob Sutton. Sutton Tools have attributed their growth and sustainability to quality investment.

Kapro Levels, Layouts & Measuring

For 30 years, Kapro has been making the finest quality spirit levels, laser levels, and layout tools, marking and measuring tools. Kapro have built a reputation as the industry’s foremost innovator, and are renowned for quality products, outstanding service, added value, and cutting-edge designs.
Kapro Industries is headquartered in Kadarim, Israel. Kapro owns and operates state-of-the-art facilities in Israel, the United States, and China. Its manufacturing facilities are certified compliant with ISO standards 9001, 14001, and SA8000.

Starcraft Tools Powertool accessories

Starcraft Group, headquartered in Shanghai, China is an innovative manufacturer & supplier of high quality power tool accessories for professional & industrial users all over the world such as diamond tools, drill bits, linear edge cutting saw blades, circular saw blades & hole cutters, abrasives, cutting tools and tool accessories.
Starcraft operates ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management System from which the products undergo exhaustive testing by skilled technicians – at home and abroad – to ensure starcraft tools comply with the very latest standards in quality and safety.

Vallorbe SWISS Files & Rasps

Vallorbe swiss® files and precision tools are sold in more than 80 countries via a network of close to 300 distributors. This covers a large number of applications for a wide variety of trades such as jewellers, watchmakers, woodcutters, blacksmiths and precision engineers.
As a world leader in precision files and files for sharpening chainsaws, we are constantly striving to find new solutions to meet the needs of our users.

Rhodius Abrasives

RHODIUS is the leading provider of grinding tools in Europe from Germany by combining excellent products and outstanding service which makes RHODIUS a preferred partner. RHODIUS offers above-average quality with good value for money.
RHODIUS’s high standards are guaranteed by innovative product development and highly developed manufacturing technologies and RHODIUS employees stand out on all levels due to their expertise and commitment.

Retail Solutions

NEDAP Retail Solutions

Nedap enables retailers to improve the service to their customers. Using technology, Nedap allows for perfect inventory visibility, complete control, no waste, no losses, and more sustainability. Doing the right thing while enabling Nedap’s partners to be more sustainable is what we strive to do.
The Nedap Story is about Technology for Life. With Nedaps’ technology, we want to make people happier and more successful in their professional lives. With a long-term perspective, we aim for creating true value in the markets that we are active in: value for people and the environment alongside financial value.

Gateway Security Loss Prevention

In more than 25 years, Gateway has produced security solutions for stores with a factory based in Motala, Sweden. Gateway focuses on loss prevention by supplying antennas, hard tags, labels, surveillance equipment and store managing tools.
Gateway Security antennas are all about Swedish minimalistic design using quality materials that will fit any style of fashion or cosmetics store in both RF (Radio Frequency) and AM (Accoustic Magnetic) frequencies.

Library Solutions

FE Technologies Library Solutions

FE Technologies has grown from 2007 into the most successful supplier of library RFID products in Australasia. FE’s research and development facility has been at the heart of growth in RFID technology and we have developed an innovative range of library RFID products. FE Technologies is part of Invengo International, a world-renowned RFID company that is a research and development powerhouse for RFID.
FE Technologies has a strong corporate focus on social and environmental sustainability. We encourage a work ethic in our employees that includes charity and support for local communities.

Sanitation & Sterilization

Clearwin Korea UV-C Technology

Clearwin Korea is the result of years of research and development by IdeaCity, based in Korea, into the development and production of the UV-C sanitizer. Now installed in tens of thousands of escalators in over 50 countries around the world, Clearwin Korea is commited to the sustainable promtion of public health hygiene.
Clearwin Korea’s patented system has an efficacy rate of 99.99% against the viruses, all the while being safe to use and using only the power generated already from the handrail.

Walex Odor Control Solutions

Walex Products Company is proud to be a leader in the specialty chemical products manufacturing industries.
An industry leader in sanitation and odor control manufacturing since 1987, Walex Products Company has been spearheading the development of sustainable products ever since. We partner with our customers to provide integrated solutions to solve problems and help them reach their strategic business objective and environmental goals.