992 Digital T-Bevel


Precise Angle Measurer and Level 30cm

This great value digital T-bevel guarantees precise angle measurements.


Designed for use with a power hand-saw, the adjustable blade locks at any angle for marking and cutting lines. The clear digital display flips for upside-down reading and features a “false- zero” function for transferring angle measurements.


Includes a reference angle (false zero) for transferring angle measurements.

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  • Adjustable blade locks at any angle.
  • Designed for use with power hand-saw.
  • 180º readout – display remains straight when the level is upside-down.
  • Reference angle (false zero) for transferring angle measurements.
  • Easy recalibration.
  • Anodized aluminum profile.
  • Accuracy: 0.1°.



  • Carpentry
  • Precision measuring and marking of angles



  • 12″ (30cm).